What does a Magento Search Autocomplete Extension do?

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It does many things. In fact it’s been designed in such a way that you can use the extension tool in such a way that it benefits you personally or commercially. It allows for customization and optimization, with a little tweaking on your part and with a little help from your friends. It may be complex at first but once you’ve given yourself a quick tutorial study, you’ll be able to use the Magento extension like a pro. The Magento Search Autocomplete Extension allows you to do a great many things but time and space only allows us to mention just a few.

And even these few things are quite a mouthful. And it only takes just a few seconds to perform a delayed search of results and product suggestions for Magento. For starters, you can instantly autocomplete all your search queries right in your very own Magento webshop (that’s what it’s called). Just one press of the button shows your product suggestions (here, you are the customer). You have freedom of choice with two search suggestion drop-down designs of your own.

In real terms, shoppers like to enjoy their surroundings while they shop. Here, aesthetics have been taken care of as well. Here, you have a further choice of your preferred product image type and thumbnail size. This is also for your comfort while using your PC or laptop. It also takes care of your eye’s acute ability to scan the screen more effectively. Pricing is what seems to concern customers the most. Here, you have the option to call up product prices in your search engine results.  You can also include more categories and CMS pages among your search suggestions.

The Importance of Minerals for Hydration

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Dehydration is actually very common. It is only when it reaches later stages that physical deterioration starts to occur rapidly. By and Large, most people simply do not drink enough water. Sodas and beer do not count because they both actually cause you to eliminate more water and lose minerals. The minerals we used to naturally find in water from springs is now gone. Purified water has no minerals and neither does tap water.

Two of the most important minerals for hydration are sodium and potassium. You need relatively large amounts of both to have a proper cellular water balance in the body. Potassium deficiency is very common and this is what helps with the proper sodium balance in the body. Fresh fruits and vegetable juices are some of the best sources of potassium. Coconut water and orange juice in particular can be combined together to create a light, refreshing potassium drink with low sugar.

It is fairly simple with our standard diet to get enough sodium, but if you sweat a great deal, you will lose a great deal of salt. This will cause you to lose water faster and faster. So, if you are sweating all day, it is good to drink the high sodium sport drinks. Just be sure to get plenty of potassium in by drinking those juices and eating the fruits on a regular basis.

Also drink plenty of purified water so you are continuously keeping the kidneys clean. By doing these things and cutting down on sodas, coffee, and beer, your body will be more properly hydrated for a healthier life.

Finally, you want to be sure you are getting enough magnesium and the other minerals. Garlic is a good source of selenium and many nuts and seeds contain high amounts of potassium and magnesium. Trace minerals can be found in seaweeds and green drinks. There are many ways to hydrate and get all the minerals you need.